Monday, August 02, 2010


Here are a few illustrations from the up and coming Screen Gems vampire flick "Priest". I had a lot of fun working with costume designer Ha Nguyen on these characters. Also, check out the pics from set as well as the newly released trailer fresh off the heels of the San Diego Comic Con. Enjoy!!!!


Steele said...

Hi Maleficium! I know Ha Nguyen was the costumer on Priest and since you worked with him, I am hoping you can answer a question about some costuming from Priest. Who is the manufacturer of the hat that "Black Hat" wears? Or was it an inhouse made item?

DaniSwiftknife said...
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DaniSwiftknife said...

This is Cobb and I after a few drinks and I went out to grab something, which I why I have my hoodie on and look ridiculous.

We had the suitcase with the gear in it, and I had a silver top. No one really got it until we spun the totem. I thought it being such a huge blockbuster, more people would have seen it, but no such luck. My friends are turbo lame.

Also, you are incredibly skilled, sir. I am more than enjoying your pictures. Where would you recommend going to school for illustration?

Anonymous said...

you are a exelent designer!!I hope in your next project Superman suit has to have that Alien touch do the suit,and Forgod sake remove the trunks or do a alternative that don´t resembles any trunks!
Keep up the great work I´m your fan

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Super neat work !!!

Kristina Marroquin Warren said...

Hi Phil!
My husband and I just watched Thor this past Friday and we saw your name in the credits! Congratulations to you :) It is so good to see that you have accomplished so much.
Don't know if you remember me that well. I'm Kristina Marroquin, now Mrs. Kristina Marroquin Warren, from CSULB. I graduated 3 years ago. I saw you every now and then and now I see you during ComiCon with Robin. You, Oksana, and I were in the same graphic design class many moons ago.
I have a blogspot as well, but I really need to focus on uploading better work on it. All my stuff is old.
I hope all is well and that you continue to land some really great projects :)