Friday, February 24, 2006

Ed's Killer Movie Poster

A friend of mine asked if I could do a movie poster for his first indie film. The film is called, "Ed's Killer Movie" and features the main character making a documentary about himself trying to learn to be a serial killer because his girlfriend finds it sexy.......sigh..... Anyway, it is a dark comedy and had a very campy feel to it. I modeled it after an old Indiana Jones poster and gave it that 50's diner/creepshow feel. It is supposed to feel campy and cheesy. I did the line work in photoshop and then colored it in illustrator. My favorite thing in this piece is the photoshop is an awesome program!!!!

Nothing like a little "shameless self promotion" right? This is an image that I am using for the main page of my website. It is under construction right now but I will have it up as soon as the flash animations are done. In the meantime, enjoy looking at me! hahaha.....oh, and on a side note, that is a monkey wearing a spray paint mask.....I am gonna have to fix that so it reads more clearly.

The Key Holder

Yet another character for the Hip Hop show. I really enjoyed working on this one. I finished it and the end of last semester and I learned a lot from it. I tried working on coloring my pencils in Photoshop so that my work could remain loose. Often times, art I put in the computer ends up being very static so this technique is a welcome change. I also mixed in real photographs of random objects I liked on a "shape" level which is a technique I would love to try more of. This is the piece that really helped inspire me to do the aforementioned/blogged "hoodie chariot". Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Hoodie Chariot

Hey guys!! Sorry I have not been on in a while....I worked on a film during the break that took a substantial amount of my time....Anyway, I have continued working on characters for a hip hop like show that I would love to get going. I sketched these guys in my sketchbook first and then combined them all together in photoshop. I liked the idea of a group of dancers pulling a chariot....especially one with a crazy Spartan Dj! More post coming very soon.