Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zip Fizz Commercial with Josie Bissett

Go out and try some Zip Fizz today....they did not pay me to say that. I had a lot of fun on this one. Getting the timing of all those elements was tricky but it worked out great! Now, if I could only get rid of all this orange stuff left over from the shoot that is now in my kitchen...geez.

Also, check out the cool 360 view of the behind the scenes from the guys over at Social Animal. VERY COOL!!! See if you can spot yours truly:

GE Capitol/Taylor Guitars Commercial

I did this commercial a while back with the very talented Director Josh Nussbaum. The shoot was 3 days and nine locations including the Taylor Guitar headquarters in San Diego! Intense but I enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe I will take up playing the guitar....maybe.


I got a chance to work with M.I.A.! I love her music so this was truly an honor for me and she was very sweet. I was responsible for finding all the x's and o's and the plexi-lit stage she is sitting on. I did a sweet x,o, wall that got cut but I can show it here cuz I do's whats I wants. lol
I can't take credit for all the graphics however. :) Enjoy...

Kris Allen: The Truth

Teamed up with the Franchise kid Aaron Platt once again for this one. What a shoot! We were rained out in a lightening storm the first time and had to reshoot a week later. It was hot as hell one minute and pouring the next! Still managed to be one of the most beautiful videos I have been a part of. Thanks to the whole production team, my amazing Art Department (Hawk, I owe you) and Kris Allen who has some pretty cool fans. :)

Shinedown-The Crow and The Butterfly

I was a big fan of this song so when Luga and Hannah Lux Davis ( me to Design it, I was honored and stoked. Big thanks to both of them and a huge thank you to Shinedown for being amazing, humble, and down to earth. Truly a blessing.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Here are a few illustrations from the up and coming Screen Gems vampire flick "Priest". I had a lot of fun working with costume designer Ha Nguyen on these characters. Also, check out the pics from set as well as the newly released trailer fresh off the heels of the San Diego Comic Con. Enjoy!!!!

Shane Drake Madness!

A while back, I designed some music videos for kick-ass Director Shane Drake and mega producer Brandon Bonfiglio. Here is the end result of that pairing. We have two videos from a band called "The Almost" and one video from a group called "Honor Society". If you watch the behind the scenes of the making of the honor society video, you might just recognize someone. Enjoy. lol

The Almost "Hands"

The Almost "Lonely Wheel"

Honor Society "Over You"

Honor Society "Over You" Behind the scenes

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Finally after a long year of waiting, I can share my sketches from Inception! If you have not seen the film yet, please go check it out! Big thank you to Jeff Kurland, Terry Anderson, Bob Morgan and the whole Inception cast and crew. I had a blast! Enjoy...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sterling Knight: "Starstruck"

This was a Disney music video for the the movie "Starstruck". Thanks Brandon and Kaboom!!!


No, I have not started doing "Those kind of videos" for those of you comics out there. Here is a video I Designed for London Alley and the Canadian girl group Girlicious. Big thanks to Kyle Davison, Christian Heuer and Luga Podesta. Enjoy!