Friday, February 24, 2006

Ed's Killer Movie Poster

A friend of mine asked if I could do a movie poster for his first indie film. The film is called, "Ed's Killer Movie" and features the main character making a documentary about himself trying to learn to be a serial killer because his girlfriend finds it sexy.......sigh..... Anyway, it is a dark comedy and had a very campy feel to it. I modeled it after an old Indiana Jones poster and gave it that 50's diner/creepshow feel. It is supposed to feel campy and cheesy. I did the line work in photoshop and then colored it in illustrator. My favorite thing in this piece is the photoshop is an awesome program!!!!


Alina Chau said...

very cooool illos! Nice works!

Maleficium said...

Thank you very much....I checked out your are very talented...I like the life you bring to your drawings.