Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Movies, Movies, Movies Part 1...

Yo! So three of the films I worked on last year have finally decided to unleash themselves onto the unsuspecting masses! Wolverine, Terminator, and Star Trek are all in theaters right now so go and check them out. I will posting artwork from all of them when given the okay......stay tuned.



mai s kemble said...

Phil! I went and saw all (except Terminator, which I plan on seeing). It was exciting to see your name (and Brian's) in the credits!! Congratulations!!!
I hope you are keeping busy and your talents are totally paying off!!
The costumes were AWESOME and the films themselves, I loved, too! :)
Can't wait to see Terminator!

Megan said...

Didn't realize you got to work on all three! I found out about Trek. Awesome!

Jeremy Spears said...

Hey PHil! Dude thats an awesome lineup of movies to have worked on. Way to go! We got to hang out man, lets get lunch soon! later buddy!

oh and I'm gonna be posting at a new blog, I figured it's simpler to just put my name...animite sounds a little silly, anyways, it would be great to hear from you man!