Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Update fools!

Sorry I have not been posting lately but I got really busy....which is a good thing. Here is a quick update:

1. A short that I worked on as a propmaster back in 2005......WON AN OSCAR!!!! How surprising is that? I was very excited.

2. I just got my first big illustration job working on a motion picture and I couldn't be happier

3. #2 is stressing me out! lol

4. I will post some more characters once I figure out how to relax again.



Jeremy Spears said...

Congratulations DUDE!!!! I want to see that short, it's number 1 on itunes right now. I'll have to check it out. You'll have to let me know what motion picture your working on...mmmmhhhh....????? Good luck buddy!!! I still haven't drawergeeked for you yet...SORRRYYYY!!!!!my bad, i'll get on it

sarah said...

That's awesome! My husband and I actually decided we thought the director of your short had the best oscar speach this year... concise and he managed to finish before they started playing music. I really want to see it too :)

By the way you have some wonderful drawings here. I'm sorry I haven't dropped by in a while :)

Anonymous said...

That's great! I'm glad you got that illustration job. Is it doing character design, storyboarding? I only heard of the short when I was watching the Oscars, but it looked very interesting. Did they shoot it here in L.A.? I'm sure it was fun working on it.

LauraBraga said...

Hi Phil!!:)
Congratulations for your new work!!! It was a long time i didn't come to visit your blog (i was in New York), but i see also you are full of work!!!


Don de Castro said...

Hey Phil,

I was blog surfing a few days ago and stumbled on to your blog! Anyway you've got great work on here. We've got to hook up sometime and just draw around the hood!

Anyway. congrats on that big film you're working on and also on the work you did for the oscar winning short!

Maleficium said...

Thank all of you for stopping by and checkin in.

Jerm: I can't wait to drawergeek...they have fun characters.( I am working on "The Mummy 3" as the costume illustrator...shhhhhh! lol)

Sarah: Always a pleasure to have you stop by cuz I love your work!

Tim: We shot at a place called Blue Cloud Ranch where they used to shoot that show Jag and a slew of other things. It was hard work but it paid off!

Laura: How is New York right now? I wish I was there! lol

Don: I am down for some drawing sessions. Glad you found me! I feel like I am talking to a celebrity. Everytime I go to your school, I see your bio in the hallway! lol

the_russian_spy said...

Hey, Phil. Remember me? Congrats on that movie. I didn't watch Oscars, don't have any English speaking channels at my apartment :) About figuring out how to relax again - it might take a while. lol

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's cool news !!

Now ... lets see those updates !! :)

Katie McDee said...

Wow congratulations!!! that's friggin awesome!