Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Set Design

Something some of you don't know is that I have been working as a Production Designer for the past 4 years. The projects are usually low budget indie films but I tend to grab the ones that I know I will have fun on. Recently, I did an PSA for AIDS awareness and currently, I am working on a horror film that takes place inside of a military-like bunker. Above are pictures from both. With the PSA, I worked the AIDS ribbon into my design and it worked out rather well. The horror film has a multitude of characters so I tried to give each one of their rooms a different look; Even though most of them took place in the same corner which I had to dress 3 different times! My favorite one, however, ended up being staged in the back of a cargo truck....enjoy.


Nelius said...

whats up man. Nice stuff. I thought I recognized one of the sets as the inside of a cargo trailor, I've seen a lot in my day. Sweet!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Neat work !!! I think the main thing about set dressing is to dress stuff even if there's a fair chance it won't be seen,it still ads realism,I see so many low budget DVD's where it looks like they've only dressed sets with the stuff that's needed and the rest looks abit sparse,low budget SF is worst for that,Alien and Bladerunner are classic example where there are things lying about that look cool but we never get close enough to se them,but the fact that they're there ads realsim !!