Saturday, August 05, 2006

Characters for Cartoon

These are all characters for a cartoon series I am working on with a good friend of mine. It is centered around a character nick-named M5 and his family. I can't say much else about it yet but it is shaping up to be cool. Hope you like them!


Danarchy said...

Cool stuff man, i really enjoy your finished product.

Jeremy Spears said...

Ha the guy in the blue spandex is halarious...did you model for that guy? Just kidding!

I really like the one kid with the four square ball, I just got my wife Lisa, one for her birthday...we have gotten some good games of 4 square going, that game is great.

Keep up the good work Phil...later dude


avidyafilms said...

Your work is fiyah! Definitely keep doing what you're doing. I hope we can work together someday. Take care!

rick reese said...

I dig the kid with the bag of chips the most. I've seen that kid somewhere...ANyway the chips are a nice touch :) good stuff