Thursday, March 16, 2006

Self Portrait # 2.....still life?

So with this one, I kinda wanted to turn myself into a still life. I grabbed a bunch of stuff and had my mom take a picture of me. I really enjoyed working on it and I think I still might have some tweeks to do. Let me know what you think guys...I would appreciate the feedback.


Kilo said...
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Rose said...

i love the shading of this one. it's brilliant and really well done. the detail of each piece is really incredible, especially your shirt and the robot.

i have one word for you: TALENT.


rick reese said...

hey phil I really like how you're combining the flat and the more painterly colors, really cool. The self portraits look great. I think its an interesting to render things that I haven't seen much of so keep it up. Nice work!